Jon Stewart Jewboy Liberal!

Rick Sanchez is upset, as an Hispanic he is upset because of Jewboys like Jon Stewart who produce programs defending the rights of Hispanics. According to CNN Rich Sanchez white liberals like Jon Stewart are THE PROBLEM for Hispanics and they can not relate to real men Hispanic guys who don’t like being talked down to be Jews like Stewart. I assume Jon Stewart is part of the international Communist Jewish bankers plot to take over Hispanic nations and convert them to the Jewish religion. Sanchez went on with the all too familiar complaint about Jews dominating the media and making it illegal for anyone to attack Jews. As far as he is concerned, Stewart is simply another one of those “white liberal establishment” folk who can’t relate to ordinary people. Let me clarify things, Mr. Sanchez:

1. Glenn Beck is not Jewish.
2. Rush Limbaugh is not Jewish.
3. Bill O’Reilly sure as hell is not Jewish.
4. The cute blonds on Fox News who babble on about illegal immigrants are certainly not Jewish.
5. Lou Dobbs who has not ceased talking about illegal Hispanic immigrants does not have a drop of Jewish blood.
6. Oh, I believe Mr. Murdoch who owns Fox News, is a God fearing Christian or something like that.

Jon Stewart might, on too many occasions,” come across as cute, but he is among the FEW on TV who fights for Hispanics. I guess Rick can relate to bigots like Dobbs or Beck who don’t like Hispanics. I can only assume Mr. Sanchez is a self hating Hispanic.

Oh, CNN fired Sanchez– on orders of the Chief Rabbi in Jerusalem, I assume.