Jonathan Pollak, An Israeli Hero!

I was raised in the world of east European Jewish socialism which centered in the belief that to be a Jew meant one must fight for the rights of all oppressed people in the world. We knew that Jews would never be free people until all those who were denied human rights were being victimized. Jonathan Pollak has been fighting for the rights of Palestinians since he was a baby because his parents also are true Jews. Mr. Pollak has opposed West Bank settlers who steal land in the name of being “Jewish.” He opposed the ill fated Gaza invasion which violated international law and resulted in the deaths of innocent men, women and children. A “real Jew” does not kill the innocent in order to protect his violation of human rights. Mr. Pollak is now on trial for something termed, “illegal assembly.” He participated along with 30 Israelis in a cycle ride through the streets of Tel Aviv to protest the siege of Gaza. As he so aptly notes, “from the arrest to the indictment, this has been a political case. Had we not been protesting the occupation, none of it would have taken place.” Could anyone imagine bike rides in support of West Bank settlements leading to jail sentences?

Ayed Morrar, an internationally recognized Palestinian film maker, said of Pollak: “ a man trying to prove that those who believe in occupation cannot claim to be humanitarian or civilized. He also wants to prove that resisting oppression and occupation does not mean being a terrorist or killing.”

The only crime Jonathan Pollak has committed is being a JEW!