Jordan Joins Silliness Of Danish Cartoonist Bans

Eleven Danish newspaper reporters, cartoonists and editors have been summoned to appear in a court in Jordan on charges they violated the nation’s laws by ridiculing the Prophet. Jordan in 2006 passed a law, the Jordan Justice Act, which allows the public prosecutor to indict people living in another country who violated the laws of Jordan. The eleven have been charged with blasphemy and engaging in threats against the security and peace of Jordan. A group, “The Prophet Unites Us” which contains members of several Jordanian media organizations is supporting this effort to stifle freedom of speech. If the eleven fail to appear in court, the public prosecutor can contact Interpol and send a warrant for their arrest.

The Danes have not violated any laws in Denmark and are free from being charged with anything unless they wander into Jordan. If other nations accept the Jordan principle that anyone anywhere can be charged with a crime against Jordan then it could result in the King of Jordan being summoned to appear in a Danish court on charges of brutality to prisoners and denying free speech.