Jordan Strikes Blow For Democracy!

Unemployed in Jordan? Don’t have the right to vote in a free election in Jordan? Angry at government corruption in Jordan? Well, the government of Jordan has decided to address issues facing its society. It has begun a trial against Danish cartoonist, Kurt Westergaard, who several years ago drew some cartoons that upset many Muslims in the Middle East. A group of Jordanian academics, lawyers and politicians who call themselves, “God’s Prophet United Us” want to have a man convicted of drawing cartoons who is not in the court room but living safely about 800 miles away. Jordanian attorney usama Beltar believes the trial is a “civilized answer” to smears against the Muslim religion. Of course, one man’s smear is another’s right to express a viewpoint. But, even he admits the entire trial is for “political reasons.” Gee, could it be possible that Jordanian King Abdullah has decided to respond to demands for democracy by placing on trial a man who is not here and never will be?

Ironically, Westergaard has yet to be informed such a thing as a trial against him is taking place. When will the people of the Middle East place the concept of democracy as important and not be distracted by politicians who prefer sham to solutions?