Jordan To Israel–Loosen Up!

Jordan’s Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit reached out to Israel and urged their government to cease being so obstinate and enter into serious negotiations with Palestinian leaders in order to use recent mass demonstrations as a spur to peace in the Middle East. “Israel should give up its fortress mentality and stop all unilateral actions, particularly the building of settlements.” Bakhit was attempting to make Israel grasp the nature of recent events which indicate a desire for change and a desire to achieve peace in the region. “israel should look forward to the future and realize that justice and the dignity of people are an indispensable issue and that continued deadlock in the peace process will only enhance the anger of peoples in the region as a result of their feeling of an imbalance in the criteria of justice.”

Current events in Tunisia and Egypt offer Israel leaders an incredible opportunity to offer peace terms that would be welcomed by all Arab people in the region and end the isolation of Israel. NOW, is the time for a dramatic opening! Netanyahu should offer to appear on Egyptian Television with a dramatic offer for peace.