Jorunalists Beware

Turkey has always lingered on the outer limits of the Middle East, its people never considering themselves to be Arabs nor connected to  Persians in Iran. For most of the twentieth century, leaders of Turkey were guided by ideas first pushed by Ataturk, their great leader. He insisted on separation of religion from state, but the election of Recep Erdogan several years ago has initiated a regime that emphasizes the Muslim religion. The European Federation of Journalists is most concerned at the attitude and actions of Prime Minister Erdogan who has arrested dozens of journalists whose crime is reporting the news. Alas, what they write is not what Erdogan desires to be written.

The Turkish  Union of Journalists and European journalists visited imprisoned journalists in order to convey solidarity with those unjustly imprisoned. If a reporter reports activities of terrorists, this makes them a terrorist in the eyes of the Turkish government. At least 75 journalists currently await  trial for daring to write and report.