Joseph Kony Of LRA On Rampage In Congo

For over twenty years the people of Uganda have experienced the horror that is known as the Lord’s Resistance Army which sweeps through villages killing and raping and abducting children who are compelled to kill their own parents or relatives as part of the initiation process to enter the LRA. Joseph Kony, who supposedly promised to end his murderous reign of terror has suddenly switched his attention to the chaos in the Congo and unleashed his murderous army upon innocent villagers. His men crossed the Uganda border and now sweep through villages killing and murdering as they seek to get a share in the riches of the Congo. According to Father Paul who directly experienced their brutality they prefer chopping with machetes which means people are either killed or lose limbs.

There are only about 17,000 poorly equipped UN forces in the Congo while Iraq has the presence of over 130,000 well armed American troops. Over four million have died in the Congo and no one really gives a damn. So much for George Bush’s famous commitment to “democracy.” Apparently, if there is no oil to be gotten, democracy is really not that important to the American leader.

  • Onedia

    And like Iraq we had our own part to play in the Congo of the 60’s and not to the benefit of that area.