Journalists At Risk In Turkey

The Justice and Development Party which governs Turkey has a solid majority in Parliament and Prime Minister Recep Erdogan has established himself as a force in the Middle East. But, for some reason, this government is determined to squash the press. Nedim Sener, was among a group of journalists who were arrested and charged with bogus crimes such as plotting to overthrow the government. According to Sener, “they have decided to destroy journalists like us and it looks like this process will continue.” He claimed that two years ago a fake email was sent to him which talked about a “secret mission” and obviously was a plant by the police. Sener and another journalist were arrested Sunday and charged with being part of a plot.

During questioning by a prosecutor he was even asked about a question he posed to a police chief in 2007. The strangest comment from the public prosecutor was, “during a phone conversation with your wife, you said, “if I had known what was going to happen to me we would not have gotten you heart surgery.” The prosecutor went on to claim the wife had heart surgery to prevent legal action against him!!

The famous Ergenekon case arose in 2007 when grenades were found in the house of a retired noncommissioned officer. Supposedly, the grenades were to be used during a revolution against the government of Turkey. Sounds like a bunch of bullshit.