Joys Of Motherhood-at 11??

Chile is among the most literate nations in the world. It has a sound economy, an excellent education system and a democratic government. Oh, and Chile is one of six nations in the world that does  not allow abortion-under any condition. Its President is Sebastian Pinera, a devout Catholic who adhere religiously to the tenets of his religion-especially the part  about no abortion-under any conditions.  An eleven year old girl, known only by the name of Belen, was viciously assaulted by her stepfather, raped and left pregnant with child. The girl said she wanted to keep the child. President Pinera praised the “wisdom and depth” of the girl’s thinking and emphasized “in our country the woman always occupies first place.”

I am confused. If the woman always occupies first place and a woman does not want to have a child why can’t she get an abortion? This is not a decision that an eleven year old child should make. After she has the baby, where do they live-with mom and stepdad?