Judge Baugh In Montana Boringly Stupid!

Every so often one encounters actions by a person who claims to be a judge that makes one wonder if he is a graduate of some nonsensical online university of ignorance. Judge G. Todd Baugh has definitely won this year’s award for the dumbest decision in a criminal case. Billings high school teacher, Stacey Dean Rambold, had a student named Cherice Moralez, age 15, who he proceeded to rape and eventually this became a factor in her suicide. In the world of reality, this “teacher” would have been arrested and sent to jail. But, this was the court of Judgee Baugh. According to the judge, Cherice Moralez was a gorgeous girl who might have been age1, but had the sexual maturity of a grown woman which made sex with her teacher consensual. Huh?

OK, so the Rambold man was kicked out of his treatment program, but this young woman was more mature and lured the innocent 50 year old man into a sexual relationship. Judge Baugh, in his infinite wisdwom, sentenced Rambold to a 15 yearjail sentence but suspended all but one month–for good behavior?– and the teacher will only go to jail for one month. I wonder if this sentence would have been the same if the name of the girl was “Baugh?”