Judge Moriarity New Texas Idiot!

The state of Texas is not only a physical place, it is also a state of  mind. During the past several months the world has come to know Rick Perry, Ron Paul and assorted other idiots who have succeeded in proving that Texans love God, but when it comes to behaving like normal, decent humans, they more likely love the Devil. Diane Tran, 17, takes advanced placement classes in high school, works at two jobs in order to support her siblings, and for some strange reason has missed classes at Willis High School in the town of Willis, Texas.

Judge Larry Moriarity sentenced Diane to 24 hours in jail for skipping classes. “If you let one run loose, what are you going to do with the rest of em?” Diane is an outstanding young woman, Diane uses her time to study, do her homework and be a successful student. Larry is the latest shining example of what happens to minds of normal people when they spend too much time in the state of Texas.

How about sending Moriarity to jail? There must be a law about using common sense and he breaks it daily!