Judge Todd Baugh, Friend Of Perverts

Judge Todd Baugh is a friendly man, one who enjoys the company of real men, the type who will sit around the campfire with buddies swapping stories of how females need the helpful fist of a Real Man in order to teach them proper behavior such as always doing with the man tells you to do. Several months ago, one of his buddies, a teacher, raped his student. Todd understood that a man sometimes gets carried away seeing some gorgeous broad come into his view of life. The judge pointed out that the girl “looked older than her chronological age” of fourteen which meant she was fair game for any Real man. So, he sentenced his buddy to a month in jail for rape. It was a warning to attractive teen age girls to dress modestly and behave themselves when in the presence of a Real Man.

His latest case was a man who beat the hell out of his girlfriend. He fractured her face in three places. Todd had to do something so he sentenced the man to six months in jail and he has to write 5,000 times: “boys do not hit girls.”

I wonder if he has to clean blackboards in a classroom.