Judges Back Danish Headscarf Ban

Two interna;tional judges associations have declared their support for the Danish ban against female judges wearing headscarves. They believe judges wearing such attire might produce feelings of prejudice on the part of defendants. The International Association of Judges(IAJ) and the European Association of Judges(EAJ) made clear their support for the ban. Maja Tratnik, of the IAJ, said: “A citizen who enters a courtoom should feel secure standing before a judge who symbolizes laws with the complete neutrality and impartiality that it encompasses. Therefore, all form of attire signaling either religious or politcal beliefs cannot be allowed on a judge.”

Thechairman of the EAJ also agreed judges must come across as neutral. Virgiljus Valancius said the topic would be discussed at a meeting in the future.

Common sense would support the Danish view against wearing a headscarf in a courtroom. It just opens the door for complaints of prejudice against a judge and more litigation.