Judgment Day Is Coming

I admit my background in the field of history in no way compares to that of Dr .Glenn Beck, Professor Emeritus of the University of Ignorance, and thusI was gratified to learn from this expert all about the Muslim religion. After all, he is a Mormon whose original followers thought people with black skin had that color because they were the children of Cain and God had punished them. I doubt if there is a reputable historian who could provide historic evidence to support the ideas of how Mormons believe history unfolded. Beck has been studying how Christians and Muslims view Judgment Day and according to Beck and his fellow religious thinkers, “In Islamic tradition the beast is the good guy.” I wonder how Beck would tell the story of Christianity which includes more wars, deaths and destruction than any other religion in the world. Glenn, Adolf Hitler was born a Catholic, lived a Catholic and died a Catholic. Although some wonderful individual Catholic priests opposed Hitler and Mussolini, the Catholic Church never condemned these tyrants. Can I conclude from failure to denounce evil rulers it means the Catholic Church supports the evil of the Holocaust?

It does not take a genius to examine any religion and discover stories and beliefs that derive from hatred and brutality. I judge Muslims or Christians or Jews or Mormons on an individual basis. In EVERY RELIGION there are priests, ministers, imams and so on who are filled with hatred. During the 1930s, Father Coughlin preached hatred of Jews.

Glenn, give it a rest.