Julian Assange -Public Enemy??

Julian Assange has made more people furious than literally anyone else in the past year. He has been denounced as the Devil himself for daring to release thousands of documents in which diplomats comment on the world around them. Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt bellowed that Assange and his lawyers had been “condescending and damaging to Sweden.” He charged the email man with creating a “toxic atmosphere” and that his work has been damaging to the nation of Sweden. These comments came as the Swedish government has endeavored to get Assagne back to their nation in order to stand trial. I assume Sweden is a democratic nation in which the accused is innocent prior to the trial. Lawyers for Assange complain other members of the government have been making comments about his client and making impossible for a fair trial to take place in Sweden.

Assange is charged with rape. There appears to be a thin line in these charges of rape and in some countries his intercourse with women would not fall into the category of rape. But, rape is only part of the issue, the other aspect is government fury that what they said was made known to the people of Sweden and the world. There are Public Enemies to kill and destroy, words to not lead to death.