“Just A Bunch Of Kids”

In many respects, the nation of Turkey stands apart from so many Muslim countries in the Middle East. It has a tradition of religious tolerance, democratic principles, and a desire to become modern. On the other hand, it was in the Ottoman Empire that genocide proceeded against Armenians. It is is Turkey that Kurds fight for their rights. And, in Turkey resides millions of Alevis whose interpretation of the Muslim religion differs dramatically from fundamentalists.

Alevi residents in Karakpinar awoke to discover someone had marked every home in which a member of their religion lived. Interior Minister Idris Naim Sahin dismissed concerns as simply the work of “a couple of kids.” The response of Alevi leader Huseyin Guzelgu was rather different. “They called the suspects who bombed Umut bookstore in Sirnmak, ‘good kids.’ They called Hrant Dink’s murderer a ‘kid.’ They said those who marked the homes were kids. We need to find out who those kids are and those who made them mark the homes.”

Behind those “kids” are “adults.” Let’s get their names.