Just A Business Decision

Lost in discussions concerning the war in Iraq has been the real question: has the war in Iraq been a job creator for  nations or has it caused a decline in employment and profits. After all, if there is going to be a war, it is only important that those engaged in production are protected against governments which seek to reduce profits and  lead to unemployment. James McCormick, a former cop,  decided to go into the production of bomb detectors-an excellent product which can help thousands as well as bringing jobs to many. It cost $25  to make one and they could be sold for $52,000. Certainly, that is a fair profit and we should thank men like McCormick to creating such employment.

OK, so there were a few problems. The bomb detectors apparently did not detect bombs. OK, so a few people got hurt, but the important thing is that job creators were kept employed and they were able to make a few honest bucks in the Iraq war. For some reason, a judge in England is upset and wants to send this  honest, decent,God loving Christian to jail! Since when did making an honest profit become a crime??