Just A Common California Christian City?

Mayor Rl Rex Parris was giving a speech to several local Christian ministers so he saw no problem in telling the group his goal as mayor was “growing a Christian community” in a city, that for some strange reason, also allows them Jews and Muslims and atheists to reside within its limits. His comment referred to an April ballot measure that would endorse prayer at city meetings without restricting its content including reference to Jesus Christ as a way to “validate a Christian stance.” As far as Parris is concerned, if you live in his Christian city the least you can do is endorse the Christian view of life.

As a Jew, I take umbrage as referring to Jesus Christ as having anything to do with what people today term the, “Christian religion.” As far as this Jew knows, Jesus was born a Jew, lived the life of a Jew, and died a Jew. I guess if Jesus tried visiting Lancaster, California he would be told to halt at the city limits.