Just A Normal Kid!

“Just a normal kid”

“Super, super family”

“Not a sign”

“Paul was a real nice person”

Just a few of the comments made by neighbors back in New Jersey about Paul Anthony Ciancia who walked into the Lost Angeles airport, pulled out an assault rifle-223 caliber AK-15 and began to blast away at people while shouting and then producing a pistol. He killed an officer who worked for the Transportation Security Administration which apparently had made him angry. One person said Mr. Ciancia asked him if he belonged to the TSA and when he said, “no,” then walked away. They finally shot him and he is in critical condition.

Just a normal day in the United States of America. This is about number 30 of mass shootings so far this year in America, land of the free to use weapons of minor destruction in the name of the 2nd Amendment. I am certain Justice Scalia actually believes that our Founding Fathers wanted this type of killings. Just read the Constitution!