Just A Traffic Accident

It was just a traffic accident, an occurrence which happens every day in every country and every city. Three British military vehicles were driving through the streets of Kabul and encountered three women crossing the street with their shopping bags. According to eye witnesses, a driver slammed on his brakes but it was too late and a woman was struck and sent flying through the air while two others fell to the ground. Within moments, an Afghan woman was dead and two injured. British soldiers left their vehicles and tried attending to the wounded women, but this only aroused anger when they would not allow others to assist the fallen females.

It was just another automobile accident on a busy street in a large city in Afghanistan. Within moments rumors spread through the city about the death of three or more women by British cars going at high speed through the streets. Frankly, no one at this point knows how fast the cars were going, no one knows whether the women were or were not looking for oncoming cars. This is simply another example of problems arising when foreigners come to aid other people.

There is no way to prevent car accidents. We can only hope miitary vehicles going through a busy street drive with care. But, who can prevent what must occur in a world of cars? Death is a result of fighting in foreign nations.