Just An Ordinary Gal Is Sarah, At $100,000 A Shot!

Hardly a speech goes by without Sarah Plain shrilly denouncing the “elitist liberals from the Ivy League” in contrast to her wholesome small town personna. She portrays herself as a gal you would love to have a cup of coffee with in a diner and, unlike, those liberal elitists, she is just one of us. Students at a California university went scrounging through the garbage and uncovered a contract the “gal just like you” negotiated for a speech. According to the document, she made clear any plane MUST BE a Lear60 or larger jet. She must be given at least three rooms at a luxury hotel, and Sarah, the ordinary gal from down the block even stipulated that her water bottles must be accompanied by three bendable straws!

The fascinating aspect of the contract deals with questions from the audience. Like all leaders of the “people” Sarah insists “questions are to be collected from the audience in advance, pre-screened and a designated representative…. shall ask questions directing at the speaker.” Isn’t it wonderful that this woman –who is just like you– only responds to questions she knows will be asked?

Gee, imagine if such a contract were found for Barack Obama! I can just hear Rush and Glenn and Bill going on a rant about elitist Ivy Leaguers who are afraid of the ordinary people!