Just Another Day In Afghanistan-Did Anyone Die?

It was just another report from Afghanistan, or should we say it was just another two reports from Afghanistan. One claimed NATO rockets had killed 52 men, women and children in the city of Rigi in Helmand province in southern Afghanistan. The other from NATO headquarters insisted the investigation into the “alleged” attack “has thus far revealed no evidence of civilians killed or injured.” President Karzai of Afghanistan sent his condolences to people who apparently were not killed or wounded. It was just another normal day in Afghanistan in which fighting the Taliban MUST result in the deaths of innocent people. That is what a guerrilla war is all about. Insurgents do their best to make certain civilians die and government forces do their best to ensure no one kills them.

It was just another NATO report that said all quiet on the eastern front. Oh, a drone might have fired something and maybe hit something, but we are certain if it did, the object of the attack were Taliban leaders. Just another report today, that all is quiet on the eastern front.