Just Another Day In Afghanistan

There was nothing unusual about the day in Afghanistan, nothing out of joint occurred, it was simply another day of death and destruction. The president, Robert Gates, and General Petraeus are reviewing how things are going and the good news is nothing out of the ordinary occurred. An American air strike killed 22 insurgents while a NATO air strike killed 22 civilians so things sort of evened out. It is always so fascinating how drone planes know exactly who is or who is not an insurgent, but they are smart planes. As for the other normal events of the day:

500 people gathered in Paktia province with signs saying, “Death to Americans” since they were upset at the killing of seven civilians.
A bomb exploded near a police station and four police were wounded along with several civilians.
A car bomb exploded by a police station leaving six police dead.
A suicide bomber up north blew up the stolen police car by the police station and wounded 7 policemen and six civilians.

Oh, the list probably could go on and on, but it is growing late so good night to all.

P.S. Although we in America sleep peacefully, those in Afghanistan dream about death.