Just Another Day Of Death In Syria

The days go on and on in Syria, the deaths go on and on and the only new thing is exactly what is today’s figure on the number of dead humans. Rebel forces claimed yesterday that over 500 people were murdered by the Syrian arm when the residential section of Jdeidet-al-Fadel was stormed in Damascus. President Assad claims his troops were acting to protect civilians from militant rebels. There are reports rebel artillery was blasting away in the area, but unfortunately, the innocent, as usual became caught in this exchange. It appears the Assad strategy is to have a presence in cities and allow rebels to control the rest of the country.

The madness of civil war continues. The rage of anger which is strong during a civil war continues. Each side seeks to kill, each side seeks to create chaos  for without such turmoil, how could either exist. In time, the US and European nations will provide heavier arms to rebels and death will increase. Of course, Bahar al-Assad knows that dear Russia will always have an open door when he seeks sanctuary.