Just Another Drug Tale

Franklin Villca was a ten year old boy in Bolivia who had became separated from his mother when she was sent to jail for transporting chemicals that were used in making cocaine. He was trapped in his father’s house where older siblings beat up on him. Finally, Franklin decided to find mom so he hopped on a truck that was going through his town. He did not realize the truck was bound for Chile and it drove across the Andes mountains with the tiny boy shivering in the back. The truck eventually halted in Chile, the boy hopped off the vehicle and wandered the streets until some nice woman gave him shelter. He told her ” I wanted to see my mother.” Unknown to him, his mother had just been released from jail and was trying to earn some money.

This is simply one more in the countless stories about drugs which make clear the victims are the ones in jail and families of victims are the ones who suffer. There is scant doubt no drug lord will experience his children fleeing to see him. Imprisoning people who dabble in drugs is not the solution. It is time to legalize ALL drugs and work on rehabilitation of those who suffer from drugs. And, that does not mean time in jail!