Just Another Gun Death

It is difficult living in the United States of America to get though a single  day without  reading or seeing another example of senseless violence. Americans claim that Muslims have “no regard for life”even as 30,000 Americans this year will die due to gun violence. Americans decry murder of the innocent when each hour of the day some innocent person in this country is either gunned down or robbed or beaten by someone with a gun. Sherry West took her 13 month old boy for a walk around the block where  she lived in Brunswick, Georgia. What could be safer than just walking around the block on a sunny day?

Unfortunately for Ms.West she is an inhabitant of the United States of America where our political leaders insist each person has the right to bear arms against another person. Two teenagers approached her, demanded money. She responded that she did not have money since she had gone for a walk around the block. This did not satisfy 17 year old Demarqus Elkers and he then shot the woman. Not satisfied, together with his buddy then shot the baby in the face.

Members of Congress will sleep comfortably today and tomorrow they will get a check from the NRA. Just another day in gun crazy America!