Just Another Guy With A Handgun

I was raised in the slums of New York City during the Depression, a time when the state of New York had rigid laws about who could possess a gun, and the United States Supreme Court believed it was in accordance with the Second Amendment to control use of guns. Over the coming half century, attitudes in America shifted from support of weapon control to the current crazy attitude that people have a right to carry weapons of destruction. Last night, a man in Elkhart, Indiana, walked into the Martin Super Market about 10:00 p.m., took out a semi-automatic handgun, saw a woman and shot her, and then walked a few pages more to shoot another woman. He was ready to blast away–according to his Second Amendment rights when police entered and blasted away and killed him. No one has any idea why he wanted to kill people, and the NRA will insist that he had a right to carry around a gun. I am certain the NRA will argue that if the women who were killed had a gun they could have fired back!!

I am baffled about gun ideas of the American people!Who have we become??