Just Another Head To Display

Ah, there is another bit of good news emanating from the crazy war which now rages in the country of Syria. Just when I thought the United States of America and its wonderful Republican party had a monopoly on madness along come the Jihadists of Syria to prove that I am dead wrong. They are fighting for freedom. They are fighting for the right to kill and kill and kill. Someone up in the sky informs all Jihadists they have the right to kill, it says so in the Koran. A group of Jihadists stormed into a town and went around beheading any bad guys they could find. They were after loyalists to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. The Jihadists entered a hospital and spotted some dude lying in anguish. They took him outside, placed the dude’s head on a block and down came the sword of righteousness. The Jihadist leader proudly held up the head and shouted for joy.

As he stood with the head in his hand, a quiet voice noted the head belonged to a Jihadist. Oh well, what is one head among friends. When one believes death is the way of life, another head leads to life.