Just Another Recession Death

The political impasse which prevents execution of needed economic actions to revitalize this nation have a side effect that all too often is ignored. Mike Flanagan, a former great pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles, was economically impacted by the collapse of the stock market and began to brood. His wife said he constantly made comments of his inability to handle money issues and it was making him become increasingly frustrated. A man who spent his life in the limelight as an effective person, was now reduced to feelings of impotency.

She said Mike would often walk outside with a gun and she had to calm down her husband before he hurt himself. A few days ago, he walked outside, placed the gun to his head and committed suicide. It was just another death in the afternoon. It was just another outcome of the Republican party refusing to   seriously address economic issues.

I am certain Michele Bachmann in her latest talk with God did not discuss the case of Mike Flanagan.