Just Another School Shooting

A basic tenet of the National Rifle Association is that if everyone was armed there would not be any murders in America. This assumes that if all possessed a weapon and a single individual  drew his weapon, the other armed people would blast him to hell. Two students at Lone Star College in north Houston got into an argument. In my Bronx, New York City, neighborhood when two boys got into an argument we did not draw our gun but our fists. However, this argument occurred in the great state of Texas which believes all should be armed and ready to fire away. So, what else happened but one young man drew his weapon and blasted away at the other who is now in critical condition.

Oh, the shooter also shot another person-himself. In the buttocks, no less. After all, this is the great state of Texas where guns are sacred and all must possess one. How else could one display manhood?

Oh, this is the fifth school setting since December in which students have died due to guns. Yes, guns kill people, not people kill anyone.