Just Build A Tunnel

The United States of America currently has about 35,000 Border Police who guard our nation’s borders against the hordes of immigrants seeking to enter. Congress clamors for more fences, higher fences, more guards and more money spent on creating barriers against immigrants. Border patrol agents just discovered a smuggling tunnel that runs from Tijuana in Mexico to San Diego in the USA. It is equipped with llighting, ventilation and an electric rail system to ensure the goods get to the right place in America. The tunnel is the size of six football fields and is linked to warehouses in Mexico. Our beloved drug lords have also turned to aircraft, small fishing boats and, literally hundreds of tunnels in order to get the goods to market.

The American government goes above ground as the Mexican drug lords go below ground. Drugs continue to enter and the government continues to build and hire. In reality, the drug trade along the border of Mexico is simply a job producing enterprise which employs thousands and costs billions. At least the Republican party has discovered one way to get people in America back to working!