Just Don’t Worry About The Future

I dwell in the state of Missouri which is in the United States of America. At least thirty percentof my fellow Missourians believe the world was created about ten thousand years ago and we soon will witness the return of Jesus Christ and the end of the world. Why the return of a man of peace would result in a world calamity, has never been made clear to me. The World Meterological Organization(WMO) for some reason has a different version of human destiny that does not include Jesus. It reported that the amount of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atomosphere hit a new record in 2012, and it is driving climate change. This group has a strange idea about the world’s temperature which allegedly will rise about two degrees.

Oh, they ramble on about how heat-trapping gases from human ac tivities have upset the natural balance of our atomosphere and are leading to climate changes. I checked with my Missouri neighbors and they assure me that unless God wants to change the climate, it simply can not occur. Stop worrying, purchase a nice gas guzzling car and go on with your Christian life.

I refuse to be frightened about greenhouse or red house warnings. Just go to church and pray away your fears. It is in the Bible.