Just In! Romney for Death and Jesus Christ

Mitt Romney stated he is against gay marriages, illegal immigrants, for the death penalty, and is pro-life. I’m getting confused, if you are for death, how can you be pro-life? I forgot he only wants life for the unborn, but thinks once they are born, it is OK to kill them.

But, Romney displayed his political courage by stating emphatically: “I also believe Jesus Christ in my savior.” You have to give it to this man, when it comes to confronting difficult issues, he doesn’t hesitate for a moment in selecting the most difficult choice even if it goes against public opinion. After all, how many Christians believe Jesus Christ was for the death penalty? We all know Christ was against illegal immigration, that’s why he sent immigrants all over the world preaching in foreign lands.

Perhaps, we are unkind to Mitt, but his view of Jesus Christ certainly is a fresh perspective. So, Mitt, you are convinced Christ was against gay marriage, illegal immigrants, for the death penalty and hated the Democratic Party– is that it?