Just Say No Is Israel Platform For Peace!

President Mahmoud Abbas who heads the Palestinian Authority told Obama’s representative it will be easy to resuming peace with negotiations with Israel if its leaders will place a freeze on housing development in the West Bank. Their behavior is “unacceptable, and destroys all efforts” of US former senator George Mitchell “to bring the parties back to the negotiating table.” The response of Prime Minister Benjamin is invariably, “no.” At a tree planting ceremony in the West Bank, he told the audience, “we are planting here, we will stay here,” and this area will be an “inseparable part of the state of Israel for eternity.”

Most realist diplomats acknowledge Israel will be allowed to keep small portions of the West Bank which contain a large majority of its Jewish settlers. Negotiation begins with never saying “never.” It is time for Israel to extend the hand of peace and surrender its negative attitude.