Just Say No To Syria Action

The vast majority of people in the United States of America have absolutely no interest or concern regarding what occurs in Syria. Heck, less than one percent even know where the country is located. Over on the right, Mitt and his war buddies in the Republican party, want ACTION. They charge the president who killed Osama bin Laden with being a coward. Mitt wants to unleash the hounds of war against Syria. This is an interesting comment coming from someone who was of military age during the Vietnam war but preferred spending his time in France converting people to the Mormon religion. I have always wondered why he didn’t go to Vietnam and convert those people.

Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, just said NO to any desire for war in Syria. The last thing our fatigued armed forces need is a new war. When asked if the US would take military action, he replied: “No, I cannot envision that.” Panetta also made clear the UN calls the shots on Syria action.

Alas, if only George Bush had adopted that attitude, thousands of Americans would be alive today.