Just Say NO!

In 2010, the American people decided in their infinite wisdom to send to Congress men and women who were dedicated to the proposition of just saying, NO to anything that made logical sense. The Tea Party regarded itself as the embodiment of our original Founding  Fathers who believed in meeting the needs of citizens of the country. Of course, our Founding Fathers REJECTED the strong state rights Articles of Confederation and replaced it with a strong National government. Of course, our Founding Fathers entered into one compromise after another. Our Founding Fathers created a National central bank known as the Bank of the US because they believed in the importance of a central financial institution that could tax people and pay debts.

The current Congress failed to pass a budget, it failed to pass a logical tax system, it failed to pass a bill which prevents Violence toward Women, it failed to pass a UN bill that protects the rights of  disabled humans– a bill patterned after the American version. Our current Congress never met a compromise it would embrace since to Tea Party folk, the word, “compromise” means opponents accept their ideas.

Cliff, valley or whatever, Republicans will  do to their deaths-and the deaths of citizens- protecting their right to Just Say NO!