Just Say Yes To Gay Marriage Says Swedish Church

The very thought of two men or two women entering a church in order to become married is one that sends many people rushing to the closet in order to close the door at such a prospect. There is something about strangers wanting to get married that somehow offends, angers and brings violent thoughts into the minds of people. Sweden’s Synod of Lutheran Church of Sweden announced that it would allow gay marriages and drop any bans against such unions. There will be some minor alteration in the ceremony such as instead of saying, “man and wife” the minister will simply say, “lawfully wedded spouses.” Of the 249 who voted in the issue, 176 voted to say yay to the gay marriage proposal.

Naturally, Catholic and orthodox Swedish churches are appalled and said having two people get married was a “step backward” and a further move to damage Christianity. I would think at a time when half marriages end in divorce and many couples never bother to marry, a good Christian would welcome any couple who wanted to use their church in order to wed.