Just Trust Koch Brothers For Healthy Planet

The UK newspaper, the Guardian, revealed that conservative billionaires organized a secret method of funding think tanks, groups and individuals who would spread the gospel of NO GLOBAL WARMING! The purpose of these funds was to convinced  people of the fallacy of global warming and to ensure those who uphold truth, justice and the American way of life continue to dominate discussion on this topic. Whitney Ball, chief executive of Donors Trust, admitted that money for her organization came from wealthy folk like the Koch Brothers in order to “help donors promote liberty which we understand to be limited government, personal responsibility, and  free enterprise.” She went on to make clear, “are there both sides of an environment issue? Probably not.”

By 2010 her group was funding 102 think tanks which offered evidence against the concept of global warming. She even funded anti-environment people at Harvard and certainly gobs of money went to the Republican party!!