Justice –Afghanistan Style!

The decision to invade Afghanistan and remove the Taliban from its dictatorial rule was made in hope the liberated nation could achieve a new birth of freedom. President Bush proclaimed the need to drive from power a group of medieval minded clerics who had crushed all forces of secularism. In an interview with a reporter from England’s The Independent, Pervez Kambaksh, described the farce of a so-called judicial process conducted by medieval minded clerics. “There was no question of me getting a lawyer to present me in the case, in fact I was not even able to speak on my own defence.” The 23 year-old student who was sentenced to death for the crime of downloding material from the Internet dealing with women rights now sits in a jail awaiting his fate.

The four minute hearing has resulted in a four month jailing where he is in a 10 by 12 metre cell with 34 others, including murderers, robbers and terrorists. Nearly 360 prisoners are packed into a facility designed to handle 200. Among the inmates are 22 women conicted of dserting their husbands and adultery. The Independent took up his case and so far has gathered over 90,000 signatures on a petition to free him. Its campaign also resulted in an international furor over the incident. Mr. Kambaksh was charged with writing the aritcle but no proof was given for the accusation. He describes going to a court where three judges and the prosecutor declared the death sentence.

The issue is not whether or not he wrote an article since writing an article should never be a crime. The issue is what has happened to the effort to create freedom and democracy in Afghanistan. Why are women imprisoned for leaving husbands or for adultery? Are any Afghan males imprisoned for leaving wives or adultery? Why are NATO and American forces risking their lives to protect a group of bigoted clerics? In which way are those we defend different from those we oppose? The Bush Afghanistan policy has failed in the same manner as his policy in Iraq. Nearly four thousand Americans have died so women can be oppressed and bigotry rule unchecked.

  • journeyer58

    In the world of the “bigoted cleric,” the person who dares address any of the dictates of these men is declared to be an apostate and a heretic to the faith. America, has made the mistake of courting these medieval and simple-minded people for the sake of “winning” the war on terrorism. Yet the very people who this administration has courted are the very ones, who accepted the rule of the Taliban and certainly made use of the fact that they were given a free hand in controlling the population of Afghanistan.
    We are now faced with a very hard choice, do the military leaders of NATO, cut off the head of the snake they have let loose in the country or do they tacitly acknowledge that they cannot control the very people whom we were fighting against. The Taliban is now making overtures to the leadership of both Afghanistan and Pakistan, for the purpose of power-sharing with the leadership of these countries. These arrangements will allow the Taliban access to the most advanced and recent weaponry and the use of atomic and nuclear weapons at a moments notice. Can we now allow the countries, which governments we have installed and which we have backed with weapons and money, to agree to power-share with the very people whom we are fighting against? The answer should be no, but how are we to dictate the policies of countries which we are supposedly upholding as the “democratic ideal,” without sounding like the hypocrites that this administration has truly made the government out to be? My sincere hope is that the people of this country, decide that enough is enough and install a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which will have at its heart the purpose of assessing the blame and meting out the punishment for those convicted of the atrocious and abominable war crimes which have been committed in the name of America. Lest we forget, the military and political leaders of Germany and Japan, were tried and convicted of the very same acts of genocide and war crimes as the current administration is guilty of. The American people must by commonsense, hold those who are in this administration accountable, to show the world that America is not a rogue nation but one which follows the rule of law and the laws of its own founding documents. We are now in a position to do this very thing, with the coming election cycle, we must elect those who will stand up for the rights of those affected by this horrible and egregious crime of not following the law.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    I agree with your comments. Unfortuantely, history will tell the Bush tale.

  • journeyer58

    But isn’t that the cynical view of the American judicial system and the American publics wish for justice and right. We must have hope that the people we elect will take into consideration the fact that the world will eventually wish to have the head of Duhhhhhhhbya and Darth Vader on a silver platter.
    No doubt history will find that G. W. Bush and Co. were the worst administration ever, even worse than Hiram Ulysses Grant’s. All the presidents combined have not done as much damage to the Constitution and the standing of the United States than His Royal Highness, King George II.
    My wish is not for revenge but for justice, justice for those who by reason or illogic, have suffered under the oppression of an autocrat, tyrant, dictator or leader of a nation, masquerading as a true democrat; such as George W. Bush. The foreign policy or lack thereof, of this administration, has thrown the world into turmoil and chaos, from which it will probably take one generation, or maybe two, to recover from.
    A, truth and reconciliation commission, would further the process faster and more efficiently, than would waiting for the historians to write the critiques and academic papers, which will verify the truth of the inept and often disastrous dealings of this administration with the rest of the world. I, firmly believe, that given the facts the public would make the decision to have such a commission, for the good of humanity and the well-being of our nation. This kind of self examination, must happen for the world to again trust that America is not Amerikka. For if America continues on the path it has been on, we are fast becoming a fascist state led by dynastic and inept leaders which will not care one hoot about the people and line the pockets of those with enough money to gain face time with the leaders of our country at that time.
    The only way for this not to happen is for a “soft revolution” the type of which has deposed those autocrats and oligarchs of the former Soviet Union. A “velvet glove” revolution, which if enacted properly would give back to the people the rights propagated in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Our government must again listen to the voice of the people and heed the wisdom and wishes of those who have thought through these thorny issues and make recommendations which will improve the standing of the government of the US again.