Justice, Bahrain Monarchy Style!

It becomes increasingly clear that after initial responses from Arab governments which decided to cave in to demands of street protesters, those in power have decided to fight back rather than give in. Muammar Gaddafi is fighting for his life in Libya, Bashar al-Assad is using brute force in Syria and we just witnessed a two month war to get rid of the head of the Ivory Coast. The nation of Bahrain is a tinder box of conflict since those of the Shiite sect represent 80% of the population which Sunnis only constitute about 20%. However, the ruler of Bahrain is Sunni and he just does not wish to see the sun go down in his land The Bahrain government announced four protesters had been sentenced to death in the alleged killing of four policemen even though friends charge the four never had access to lawyers of thie choice. Ali al-Aswad, a Bahrain MP, expressed the feeling of millions when saying, “the people are very angry. This was a surprise as the defendants were not allowed any lawyer in court.”

The quickness of the trial raises issues. After all, at this moment, 34 Baharins are dead from being shot by police and no trials are planned for those who allegedly killed them. Although there are no kangeroos in Bahrain, they certainly do have Kangeroo courts.