Justice, Chinese Style

No one can doubt if a person is placed on trial inside China the individual will receive a Chinese style trial and a Chinese style sentence, particularly, if they possess a Chinese name and happen now to be a citizen of another nation. Last month, an Australian of Chinese heritage received a guilty sentence for stealing state secrets. Yesterday, Xue Feng, an American citizen of Chinese heritage received a guilty verdict for “receiving”documents about geological conditions dealing with offshore Chinese oil wells as well as a data base which contained coordinates of about 30,000 oil and gas wells. The US embassy in China denounced the sentence of eight years in jail as “harsh” and urged that Mr. Feng be deported and end the matter. However, Chinese authorities noted the “defendants legal rights were guaranteed in accordance with the law.”

Sorry, the problem is his legal rights were guaranteed in accordance with Chinese law. When was the last time a dissident or someone deemed to be a criminal by the Chinese government was told by the court he was innocent? We are still perplexed by the claim he “received documents.” If someone gave him the documents, shouldn’t they also be on trial? Which “data bases” did Feng access? Were they in the public domain?

If you wish to win a bet in China, always bet the person charged with being a spy by the government will be found guilty of spying.