Justice Is Blind In New York

Justice William Martini was asked to decide on the complaint of Muslims living in the New York area regarding the practice of the New York City Police Department to place those of the Muslim faith under constant supervision because some people of the Muslim faith were those who participated in the 9/11 attack. Martini threw out the lawsuit arguing the police had every right to monitor, tap the phones and infiltrate Muslim organizations because if you are a Muslim then you are naturally to be considered a threat to the United States. “The more likely surveillance was a desire to locate budding terrorist conspiracies.” So, since people of the Muslim faith carried out the 9/11 attack, it is only natural to place ALL Muslims under surveillance.

As I recall, in 1942 over 100,000 people who had Japanese ancestry were sent to concentration camps because it was only natural to check on people who were Japanese. NOT A SINGLE EXAMPLE OF SABOTAGE WAS LINKED TO ANYONE OF JAPANESE ANCESTRY. The Japanese-American battalion which fought in Italy earned more medals than any other battalion in the US Army.

I assume that Judge Martini is of Italian ancestry. Did he know that 20,000 Italian Americans were in camps during World War II because since we were fighting Italy is was only natural to lock up Italian Americans.