Justice, Pakistan Mode

We in America have now turned into a nation which “respects” the culture and beliefs of other people. After all, each culture has the right to its own unique practices and beliefs, but every once and a while, my mind becomes infuriated at the beliefs of others. I admit my bigotry. Farzana Parveen, age 25 was stoned to death by her husband, Mohammed Iqbal while family members looked on. Oh, this same man beat to death his former wife in 2009. The police did question him for the death, that did happen. The children of this woman who was beaten to death forgave dad. After all, mom and dad had a bit of a fight, so, what else?

Mohammed will not go to jail for the second murder. He is forgiven by family members. I wonder if we could introduce this interesting social cultural practice in America? Oh, I wonder, if you kill your wife, do you get to collect the life insurance policy? Just asking!