Justice Scalia Backs 24 and Jack Bauer

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia attending a conference on torture of prisoners said he was not moved about having prisoners at Guantanamo Bay being held without trial. “I don’t care about holding people. I really don’t care.” And, this man is a Supreme Court Justice!

Justice Scalia gushed with enthusiasm about Jack Bauer of 24 fame noting that “Jack Bauer saved Los Angeles! He saved hundreds of thousands of lives!” It’s a silly TV show, he never saved anyone but Scalia’s comments indicate why he doesn’t belong on the Supreme Court. I continually read stories about this man’s brilliant mind. Some brilliance, advocating suppression of human rights and praising a man who does not exist in life for saving people who do not exist. In a sense, Scalia represents every thing wrong about the Bush administration. They all live in a fantasy world of standing on aircraft carriers and shouting “bring them on.” TV and the movies are their foundation for what to believe in rather than the US Constitution.