Justice–Turkish Style!

Last October a group of Kurds gathered to protest actions of the Turkish government against their people. They marched, some threw stones, but as far as we know no policeman of member of security details died as result of these actions. A young Kurdish girl named Bervian somehow became part of the protest group. In her words, “I did not hurl stones at police officers. I did not have any relation with the group. I noticed a crowd and walked towards it. I was going to visit my aunt.” This description certainly fits that of a wild eyed fanatic terrorist out to cause bodily harm to members of Turkish security forces.

Bervian was sentenced to seven years, 9 months in jail by a judge-or at least, some character pretending he is a judge. The judge insisted he was being lenient because he could have sent her to jail for 13 years. As the verdict was read to the court, the only sensible comment came from the girl’s mother “Did she murder?”

Now, Turks know why they will never get into the European Union as long as this is their version of justice.