Kabul Night Of Horror

Last night Kabul experienced a scene out of a bad movie dealing with terrorists only this time the terrorists were real and the dead were actually real people dying. Heavily armed Taliban insurgents stormed the Intercontinental Hotel in a carefully planned attack which resulted in the death of suicide bombers and the death of at least eleven civilians. The assault began with a suicide bomber blowing himself up at the entrance and then his companions dashed into the hotel. This resulted in shooting, explosions, more suicide bombs detonating, and general chaos. The scene of devastation merely showed once again, the Taliban can launch attacks, the security system can not prevent attacks, and Afghanistan for the forseeable future must endure these constant scenes of death and destruction. It is simplistic to assume Kabul nights will turn to calm and peace.

The central question remains– what is the role of US or NATO forces in dealing with the Taliban? Afghan security has improved, but it remains far from secure for the people of the country. Frankly, Kabul nights of destruction may last for the indefinite future.