Kabul Suicide Bombing-Yesterday’s And Tomorrow News?

It was another suicide bombing and even as one reads these words, the dead and headless bodies have been picked up and sent to a mortuary. NATO will issues a strong statement concerning its intention to continue the fight, five American families will receive notice of the death of their loved one, and reporters will interview civilians who witnessed the incident and they will offer horrid descriptions of the corpses. The Taliban will announce a victory, a dead Afghan’s family will hail him as a hero who is on the road to heaven. President Obama will announce his continued support of the Karzai government despite this latest example of incompetence. The Kabuki dance of death continues in Afghanistan.

It seems a very, very long time ago when candidate Barack Obama promised to end the futile fight in Afghanistan. The war is being lost because once again, America believes corrupt, incompetent leaders can overcome those who have gained support of average people. The issue is not whether there will be another carnage caused by a suicide bomber, but when will it occur?