Kafka Story In Modern Czech Republic

Professor Mark Tomass was on a normal bus trip from Moravia to Prague when suddenly he discovered himself trapped in a Kafka story that was only too real. Tomass isa Syrian born American who had just finished teaching a class when he boarded the hopped on the bus to return home. Tomass received his cup of coffee from the stewardess but his head remained focused on his lap top where he was working on a story. After the bus stopped, Tomass noticed the passenger who had been sitting next to him talking excitedly to the police. Tomass shrugged his head and returned to his lap top when he felt a tap on his shoulder and soon realized a policeman was beckoning him outside. He was told the police had been informed by a passenger that the words “Al Jazeera” had appeared on the screen of his lap top and they wanted to know what he was doing.

The police took his passport and began to fill out a report while one made a call to get a background check on the man who was writing about Al Jazeera. Tomass argued with the police but the background check apparently neve turned up any incriminating evidence and he was allowed back on the bus. The Prague department of the State Police confirmed the incident but said the case was closed.

This is a case of the ignorant pestering those who have knowledge in order to make certain that ignorance might possible triumph over stupdity.