Kansas Opposes Islamic Law!!

The state legislature of Kansas has passed legislation that prevents Muslim terrorists from seizing control of our courts and forcing decent, hard working American patriots to adhere to Muslim law. At last count, there are at least 121 Muslims in Kansas and thus there effort to subvert state law has been ended! The people of Kansas can sleep tonight knowing that when they awake in the morning Sharia law will not compel them to pray facing Mecca nor will women have to wear a niquab!

There are reports that members of the Kansas legislature wept with joy at their courageous act in holding back hordes of Muslims who intended to take over the state government. Ministers uttered prayers, people hugged and kissed one another in the streets of Kansas towns since they were saved from evil Muslim terrorists. God Bless Kansas.

The state  legislature also passed laws that prevent Kansas courts from citing laws in other nations when rendering decisions. I think this will create a problem since the United  States historically has been based on English common  law!