Karza- I Am The Law–Butt Out!

President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan is tired of being told by the world that he must reform his own government and rid it of corrupt, incompetent people who rob from the nation to enrich themselves. Of course, these people are either related to Karzai or are part of his own system of buddies and allies. “I ask pour foreign friends not to interfere in our constitution. They must stop meddling in our implementation of the law in this country.” Of course, the only reason Mr. Karzai is president of any nation or piece of property is due to the presence of those meddling foreigners who have sent thousands of young men and women to protect his butt. A year ago, Joe Biden, supposedly, told Karzai to either reform or hit the road. Yes, withdrawing from Afghanistan places millions of decent people at risk. At the same time, only such a reality might possibly persuade Karzai to implement those “foreign ideas” such as honesty in government, arresting those charged with corruption, and engaging a wide range of people in governance of the country.

America can NEVER witness the end of fighting in Afghanistan until there is an honest, effective government in charge of the nation. This is reality. If you doubt this statement review how Communism triumphed in China or Vietnam.